The OpenStack community IRC network moved to OFTC

The OpenStack community uses IRC as one of the communication channels for development activities. IRC can run on many different networks, and we have used Freenode as the IRC network since the beginning.

Recently, there was a change in ownership, organization structure, and policy on Freenode. A lot of discussions occurred on social media, this etherpad and in openstack-discuss ML about the changes Freenode was going through, questioning whether we should continue using it. Given the feedback from the community and the current situation with Freenode, the OpenStack Technical Committee, with input from other community leaders, we have decided to change the IRC network from Freenode to OFTC. You can see the OpenStack Technical Committee resolution about this decision. 

This migration was done on May 31, 2021. A huge thanks to the OpenDev team, especially Jeremy Stanley (fungi), for this smooth migration. All the current IRC channels used by the OpenStack community are registered in the OFTC network with the same name.

This how to Join OFTC OpenStack channels page can help you to join us on OFTC.

All OpenStack discussions and meetings are happening on OFTC channels now. To track our migration progress, we are using this etherpad as  ‘‘Communicate with community” tasks. If any of your co-workers, friends, and people around you, are not aware of this change, please communicate the migration to them.For any further questions, feel free to contact us on #openstack-dev IRC OFTC channel or openstack-discuss email.

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