Report: March month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In March a meetup was organized in Bangalore, India.

The meetup was attended by over 90 people from varied backgrounds: start-ups, students, researchers, developers, etc.

Venkata Jagana delivered the welcome and the Keynote session. He covered the breadth of Openstack, its unique development model and also introduced the “IBM SmartCloud framework” to show how IBM is leveraging Openstack. He ended the session with thoughts on how the community can help in the development of OpenStack.

Rushi Agrawal did a presentation on the Cinder protocol enhancement support for file-based storage. I would love to see this feature landing inside Cinder soon. 🙂


In his session, “Openstack Security”, Sreekanth Iyer covered the keystone workflow & current security implementation. He drove the discussion around the current drawbacks in the security model and proposed a way forward to make the existing security model more robust.


Akshay MS & Suhas Mohan did a presentation about Hadoop on Openstack. Akshay and Suhas are students at PESIT College. They are working on Hadoop on OpenStack as a project for “Center for Cloud computing and Big data”, dept of CSE, PESIT. They answered numerous questions from the audience.



Slides are available here:

Photos of the event are available here:

Thanks to IBM India for hosting and sponsoring the meetup and for the Pizzas. Thanks to Prem Karat & team for their co-ordinated efforts for realizing the meetup.

Also video of this meetup will be uploaded soon on our OpenStack Youtube channel, thanks to NetApp folks for helping us on this.


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