Report: January month OpenStack meetup,Bangalore, India

In January we organized a meetup in Bangalore, India.

The meetup was attended by over 75 people with different background start-up/students/researchers/MNC/Developers.

We started the meetup with general introductory session followed by few minutes session on OpenStack project and components.

Divakar Padiyar gave presentation on Cloud inventory, monitoring and alerting using HealthNMon

Nithya, Sarad and Suresh presented Introduction to Tempest along with nice demo.

Dinkar Sitaram and his students/faculty gave a presentation on Federated Keystone.

Chandan Dutta gave a presentation on OpenStack Quantum.

Anantha Padmanabhan gave presentation on VMware compute driver along with demo.

Slides are available

Photos of the event are available

Thanks to HP India for hosting/sponsoring the meetup/lunch  and  Bharat Ram, Srinivasa Acharya &  Himanshu Dwivedi for coordinating us on this.



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