Project Policy Board Membership – Update Post Election

Now that the Spring 2011 Governance Elections have completed, I would like to formally update the community on the OpenStack Project Policy Board:

Member Status
Jesse Andrews Appointed
Jonathan Bryce Appointed
Thierry Carrez Elected – Term ends Spring 2012
Rick Clark Elected – Term ends Fall 2011 (replacing Vish Ishaya)*
Eric Day Elected – Term ends Spring 2012
John Dickinson Swift PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
Soren Hansen Elected – Term ends Fall 2011
Vish Ishaya Nova PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
Joshua McKenty Appointed
Ewan Mellor Elected – Term ends Fall 2011
Jay Pipes Glance PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
John Purrier Appointed

* The election of Vish Ishaya as the Nova Project Team Lead vacated his previously held elected position on the PPB. Based on the governance rules , the nominee with the next highest votes in the PPB general election will serve out the remaining term of the vacated seat. Thus, Rick Clark having received the third most votes in the PPB election will take over Vish Ishaya’s previously held position on the PPB which will expire in the Fall 2011.

This appointed and elected board of community leaders provides a solid leadership team to drive the project forward and I look foward to working with this board in 2011.



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