Ops Mid-Cycle Meetup – August 25/26

Are you running an OpenStack cloud?

Come down to San Antonio on August 25-26th and hang out with others who do as well.

We’re going to be having people giving lightening talks about their architecture, a discussion about storage wins and fails, and someone even volunteered to educate us on making ML2 work.

For the first time, there will also be working sessions, where we can get around the table in a small group and talk about how we can pool our scripts together to improve the OpenStack CLI tools, or walk through the docs to find out what we need, or perhaps form a team around giving our feedback on blueprints.

In order to ensure you get fed, we need you to register now!


Draft Agenda

The agenda is generally divided into a few session types:

  • Full room discussions, where notes will be taken for feedback
  • Breakout working sessions, which should aim to accomplish a specific task
  • Architecture show/tell – short 5-15 minute lightening talks with discussion, to share best practices

Thanks to Rackspace for hosting this event!

Monday Tuesday
0900-0945 Registration Ironic/Bare Metal/TripleO
0945-1030 Introduction Database
1030-1115 Networking Deploy/Config/Upgrade
1115-1130 Coffee Coffee
1130-1230 Security HA/Distributed/Multi-DC clouds
1230 – 1330 Lunch Lunch
1330 – 1415
Working Sessions (breakouts): Blueprints, Enterprise, Ops Docs, Ops Tools
Puppet/Chef/Salt/Ansible breakout
1415 – 1500 Storage
1500-1530 Coffee Coffee
1530 – 1615 Report from Work Sessions / Meta Discussion Arch Show/Tell
1615 – 1700 Arch Show/Tell Close
Evening Event

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