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At the OpenStack Project Glance webinar a few weeks back there was discussion about the music being played while everyone waited for the webinar to start. Jay Pipes graciously informed everyone that I was a composer and that the music was mine, thus everyone was really insulting me. This lead to some community members contacting me to see if I really did write the music which only enhanced Jay’s hijinks. The truth is that I can’t even hear music very well as notes all sound the same to me. The company running our webinar tool is responsible for the music and we have provided feedback from our community about their music selection.

Anyway, the emails with the community members led to the idea of creating an OpenStack theme or jingle that we could use on our website for example. If Intel, Microsoft, and other companies can leverage the power of music to associate their brand with customers why not OpenStack. One community member, Mike Mazarick has supplied the first entry for community consideration:

Sample OpenStack Jingle (6 seconds)

I encourage community members with musical talent to submit their ideas to myself for posting on the blog or in the comment section. We can then re-visit all the submissions in a few weeks and vote for the winning OpenStack jingle. Looking forward to everyone’s ideas.



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