OpenStack Meetup in New York City Next Week

The first OpenStack Meetup event in New York City is coming up next Wednesday; sponsored by AppFirst. It will be held on January 12th, 2011 @Dogpatch Lab (36 East 12th Street). Our guest speaker will be George Vanecek, PhD, he is a principal architect at Huawei’s US Innovation Center R&D where his team is currently designing a carrier-grade eBento Cloud Platform including VoIP extensions and supporting capabilities for M2M and SMB SaaS solutions.

Huawei is a leader in the telecom market, innovating to provide robust, scalable IaaS and PaaS services to their customers. When looking around the market Dr. Vanecek and his team considered building everything from scratch and adopting commercial technologies. Their decision ended up being to adopt OpenStack.

In this open discussion Dr. Vanecek will share what led him and his team to decide on OpenStack and some of the technical concerns he wrestled with. Dr. Vanecek has extensive experience in designing and building software systems, applications, and service platforms working as a solutions architect at Cordys, a chief scientist at AT&T Internet Platforms Organization, founder and lead developer at several software startups, and an assistant professor at the computer science department at Purdue University.

To RSVP, please go to: And don’t forget to forward this event to anyone who might be interested.



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