OpenStack Governance Elections – Voting started

Today at 12:00pm CDT the election process for the OpenStack has started.  The approved candidates for the Project Policy Board are:

  • Joe Heck
  • Soren Hansen
  • Rick Clark
  • Jason Cannavale
  • Christopher MacGown
  • Paul Voccio
  • Joe Arnold
  • Blake Yeager
  • Ewan Mellor
  • Brian Lamar
  • Monty Taylor
  • Josh Kearney
  • Chuck Thier
  • Rob Hirschfeld

The poll is currently running to elect the three new members and the replacement for Eric Day. If you are eligible to vote and have requested to be added to the official list of voters you should have received an email with instructions to cast your vote for the Project Policy Board (PPB). Poll will close on September 4th, 12pm CDT.

For the Team Lead positions in Nova, Swift and Glance projects no poll was necessary since we had only one candidate for each position. The Team Leads therefore are:

  • NOVA Project Technical Lead:  Vishvananda Ishaya
  • SWIFT Project Technical Lead:  John Dickinson
  • GLANCE Project Technical Lead: Jay Pipes



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