OpenStack Governance Elections – Voting Process

This Wednesday at Noon CST, the OpenStack Governance Elections Nominations process will close and all approved candidates will be entered into the Election Tool.  Elections will run from August 25 – September 4 at Noon CST.


The following four separate votes will be conducted during this election cycle:

  • NOVA Project Team Lead (1 Position)
  • SWIFT Project Team Lead (1 Position)
  • GLANCE Project Team Lead (1 Position)
  • Project Policy Board (3 Open Seats)

In addition, Eric Day has resigned his seat on the PPB with a term ending Spring 2012. To fill his seat for the next 6 months, the 4th place vote getter in the Project Policy Board election will replace Eric and complete his term. This process change simplifies having to run a special election for his seat. Please contact me if you have any questions on this process for replacing Eric on the board.

Voter Eligibility

Each election has a separate policy for who can vote in the election. A complete review of this process can be found at To be eligible to vote, please ensure that you meet these requirements by Noon CST on Wednesday August 25th.


The current list of nominees is available at  If you are interested in being a nominee, please add yourself by Wednesday August 25th by Noon CST at which time nominations will close.



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