OpenStack Governance Elections Spring 2012: Time to vote!

UPDATE: PPB election update: we need to reboot the voting process. Please accept our apology. Read more on

The OpenStack community is called to elect the Project Technical Leads and two seats of the Project Policy Board. The nominations process is now officially closed and voting can start: all entitled to vote will receive a personal message via email on February 28 and have time until March 3 11:59 PST to vote. The email message will go to the email address included in the Authors file and the one provided during the registration for PPB votes.

The official list of nominees (in random order) is the following:

NOVA Project Technical Lead (1 position)

KEYSTONE Project Technical Lead (1 position)

HORIZON Project Technical Lead (1 position)

SWIFT Project Technical Lead (1 position)

GLANCE Project Technical Lead (1 position)


Voting process

Like previous OpenStack Governance Elections, we will use the Condorcet Internet Voting Service from Cornell University,  This tool uses the Condorcet method of voting which invokes ranking the  nominees instead of just selecting one choice. More information on this  methodology is at All registered voters will receive an email with a unique link allowing them to privately vote.

Please note that the voting system is run using private polls with  restricted access to ensure voter authenticity; however all results will  be made public once the election ends. Voter anonymity is guaranteed.  The result’s ranking will be evaluated using Schulze (also known as Beatpath or CSSD) completion rule. If an individual should happen to be elected as both a PTL and General  Member of the PPB, then they will take their PTL seat only and the  elected General Member seat will go to the next highest vote getter in  the most recent election.  Thanks for participating in this essential process.

The election committee is made of Stefano Maffulli, Lloyd Dewolf and Dave Nielsen.


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