OpenStack Foundation Staffing News!

I’m very excited to report that on Monday the Board of Directors approved the promotion of Lauren Sell to Vice President of Marketing and Community Services. Lauren has been instrumental in the growth of Openstack from the beginning.  Under her leadership the Summits have grown from just 75 attendees to over 4,000, and the OpenStack brand has gone from zero to Wall Street Journal in record time.  Since we started the Foundation 2 years ago, she’s built out a high performing marketing and community services team, including recent additions Allison Price , Shari Mahrdt , and Chris Hoge. When not taking OpenStack to new heights Lauren is know to spoil her cat Rhiley.


I’m also happy to report that we’ve continued to expand the OpenStack team over the past several weeks.  Thierry Carrez, who has managed the OpenStack releases from the beginning has taken on the role of Director of Engineering, and is building out a team of technical leaders.  One of his first hires was Clark Boylan, who joins us as an infrastructure engineer along with Jeremy Stanley and Stefano Maffulli.  Thierry is a strong leader in the OpenStack community, who was once again voted in as a member of the Technical Committee and their chairman!

Thierry Carrez

We continue to hire in support of the growth of OpenStack.  Be sure to check out our open positions if you’d like to join our team!

If you’re coming to Paris, I hope you have a good time with OpenStack, don’t forget to say hello to the whole Foundation team!

Mark Collier

COO, OpenStack Foundation



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  1. shar1z

    Congrats Lauren and Thierry – your contributions have taken OpenStack to a whole new level! Can’t think of two people who deserve it more! Way to go!


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