OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest November 26 – December 2


  • Nova Resource Providers update [2]
  • Nova blueprints update [16]
  • OpenStack-Ansible deploy guide live! [6]

The Future of OpenStack Needs You [1]

  • Need more mentors to help run Upstream Trainings at the summits
  • Interested in doing an abridged version at smaller more local events
  • Contact ildikov or diablo_rojo on IRC if interested

New project: Nimble [3]

  • Interesting chat about bare metal management
  • The project name is likely to change

Community goals for Pike [4]

  • As Ocata is a short cycle it’s time to think about goals for Pike [7]
  • Or give feedback on what’s already started [8]

Exposing project team’s metadata in README files (Cont.) [9]

  • Amrith agrees with the value of Flavio’s proposal that a short summary would be good for new contributors
  • Will need a small API that will generate the list of badges
    • Done- as a part of governance
    • Just a graphical representation of what’s in the governance repo
    • Do what you want with the badges in README files
  • Patches have been pushed to the projects initiating this change

Allowing Teams Based on Vendor-specific Drivers [10]

Cirros Images to Change Default Password [11]

  • New password: gocubsgo
  • Not ‘cubswin:)’ anymore

Destructive/HA/Fail-over scenarios

  • Discussion started about adding end-user focused test suits to test OpenStack clusters beyond what’s already available in Tempest [12]
  • Feedback is needed from users and operators on what preferred scenarios they would like to see in the test suite [5]
  • You can read more in the spec for High Availability testing [13] and the user story describing destructive testing [14] which are both on review

Events discussion [15]

  • Efforts to remove duplicated functionality from OpenStack in the sense of providing event information to end-users (Zaqar, Aodh)
  • It is also pointed out that the information in events can be sensitive which needs to be handled carefully


















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