OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest November 18-25th


  • Nova placement/resource provider work [4]
  • New release-announce list and other changes to openstack-announce [5]
  • Formal Discussion of Documenting Upgrades[6]
  • Stewardship Working Group description/update [7]
  • OpenStack Liberty has reached EOL [8]
  • Switching test jobs from Ubuntu Trusty to Xenial on the gate is happening on December 6th [9]

A Continuously Changing Environment:

  • We have core developers who’ve been around for a long while stepping down and giving the opportunity to the “next generation” to take on the responsibility of leadership
  • Thank you for your presence, for teaching and for showing other contributors a good example by embracing open source and OpenStack
    • Andrew Laski (Nova): “As I’ve told people many times when they ask me what it’s like to work on an open source project like this: working on proprietary software exposes you to smart people but you’re limited to the small set of people within an organization, working on a project like this exposed me to smart people from many companies and many parts of the world. I have learned a lot working with you all. Thanks.”
    • Carl Baldwin (Neutron): “This is a great community and I’ve had a great time participating and learning with you all.”
    • Marek Denis (Keystone): “It’s been a great journey, I surely learned a lot and improved both my technical and soft skills.”
  • Thank you for all your hard work!

Community goals for Ocata:

  • Starting with the Newton, our community commits to release goals in order to provide the minimum level of consistency and user experience and to improve certain areas OpenStack-wide [1]
  • The goal is to remove all remaining incubated Oslo code in Ocata[2][3]

Unit Test Setup Changes [10]:

  • Attempt to remove DB dependency from the unit test jobs
    • Special DB jobs still exist to provide workaround where needed along with a script in ‘tools/’
  • Long term goal is for projects to not use the -db jobs anymore, new changes for them should not be accepted.

Project Info in README Files [11]

  • Increase visibility of fundamental project information that is already available on the governance web site [12]
  • Badges are automatically generated as part of the governance CI [13]
  • Every project is strongly recommended to use this new system to provide information about
    • The project’s state (in Big Tent or not, etc.)
    • Project tags
    • Project capabilities














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