OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest December 3 – 9


  • Nova placement/resource providers update with some discussions on aggregates and API [4]
  • New Nova core reviewer: Stephen Finucane [8]
  • Project mascots are all around the mailing list, search for “logo” in the subject to find them
  • Status update on unsupported Ironic drivers [10]
  • The DefCore Committee is now called Interop Working Group [11]

Creating a New IRC Meeting Room [9]

  • Create a new channel: #openstack-meeting-5
  • Generally recommend project teams to use the meeting channels on Freenode
  • Let projects use their channels for the meetings, but only if the channel is logged
  • As a next step limit the official meeting rooms for official projects and have non-official projects using their own IRC channels

Neutron Trunk port feature

  • Clarifying some usability aspects [1]
  • Performance measurements [2]

Ocata Bugsmash Day [3]

  • Thanks to Huawei and Intel and all the attendees to make it happen
  • Let’s keep the tradition and grow the event further if we can

PTG Travel Support Program [5][6]

  • Deadline of the first phase is this week
  • Phase two deadline is January 15th
  • Also reminding you to register to the event if you can come, but haven’t done it yet [7]

Finish test job transition to Ubuntu Xenial [12]

  • Merged at last! [13]
  • A lot of experimental and non votings jobs had to be updated
  • Changes to Master no longer run on trusty
  • Might have missed things still, so keep a look out















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