OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest December 10- 16


  • Release schedule clarification after Ocata [5]
  • Nova placement/resource providers [6][12]
  • Stuart McLaren stepping down from glance core [8]

Allowing Teams Based on Vendor-specific Drivers (cont) [1]

  • Narrowed down options at last TC meeting to following [2]:
    • Soft black (option 2): default option, had no negative feedback, represents the current status quo
    • Soft white (option 4): had some positive feedback, folks liked it’s simple solution
    • Grey (option 5): had the most positive feedback, but also the least amount of detail
  • Other options’ patches are being abandoned
  • Leaning towards an amended version of the ‘Grey’ proposal [10]

Community Goals for Pike (cont.) [3]

  • Need feedback [4]
  • Keep using openstack/governance for documenting goals
    • Make sure to include guides
    • Consider prioritization as it may not be possible to complete all the goals in the release
    • Think about splitting larger goals to things that can be accomplished in a single release
  • Involving users/operators through the Product WG and start face to face discussions on the Forums

Python changes in OpenStack CI [7]

  • Python3.4 on a Trusty VM for older branches: stable/liberty and stable/mitaka
  • Python3.5 on a Xenial VM for newer branches: stable/newton and master
    • Python3.4 testing is disabled for these
    • ACTION:
      • Projects should enable voting for Python3.5 jobs or add them if they don’t exist yet
      • Projects should remove Python3.4 jobs if they run only on master

Golang Technical Requirements [15]

  • Activities to adopt Go into OpenStack are ongoing
  • Areas need more discussion
    • Common Libraries
    • Dependency Management
      • Candidates are govendor, glide and godep
    • Release Deliverables
      • Tags and/or build artifacts?
      • AUTHORS and ChangeLog files can be autogenerated
  • Oaktree has golang bindings and contains generated files

Upgrade readiness check in Nova [11]

  • New, separate service
  • Checks the system state and indicates how much it is ready to start the Ocata upgrade (success, warning, error)

Self-service branch management [13]

  • Through openstack/releases repo
  • Specify your needs in a patch [14] and the rest is automated after it’s merged
  • New stable branch creation is best to happen close to the end of the cycle, when the bug fixing and stabilization activities are slowing down

Architectural discussion about nova-compute interactions [16]

  • How do Nova, Neutron and Cinder interact with nova-compute
  • Should nova-compute become a standalone shared service? [9]


















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