OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest August 19th – 25th

SuccessBot Says

  • rosmaita: Glance is merging like crazy today! welcome back jokke_ , and thanks flaper87, mfedosin , abhishekk, and smcginnis [1]
  • coolsvap: devs, the community support for pycharm subscription has been extended by one year! Enjoy [2]
  • Rosmaita:  Glance Pike RC-2 is now available! [3]


PTG Planning

  • Skip Level Upgrades[12]
  • Cyborg [13]
  • Keystone has things they want to share with the Baremetal/VM SIG [14]
  • CI Squad week 34 [24]



  • TC Report 34[4]
  • api-sig/news [5]
  • TC Update- Aug 25th [15]
  • placement/resource providers update 33 [16]



  • Magnum is back to weekly meetings starting 8/22 every Tuesday at 16:00 UTC
  • Updating the Docs Mission Statement  [17]
    • Thierry proposed [18]:
      • The docs team provides guidance, assistance, tooling, and style guides
        enabling OpenStack project teams to produce consistent, accurate, and
        high-quality documentation.
    • Shifting opinions towards starting from scratch- looking at what the docs team actually does/makes before crafting words around it [19]
    • Discussion will likely continue at the PTG
  • Microversion Parse Growth [20]
    • cdent has a patch that has started cleaning up and shifting miroversion related functions out of the placement serves and into a microversion-parse library [21]
    • Still more work to be done- decorators that handle multiple callables of the same name based on microversion, utility method to raise a status code response based microversion match, etc
    • cdent would like opinions on how to proceed
  • Custom Resource Classes, Bare Metal Scheduling and You [22]
    • If you run a 3rd party CI– this is important
    • In Pike, Nova provides a new way of scheduling baremetal based on custom resource classes
    • The old way is now deprecated but will be UNAVAILABLE in Queens
    • All operators running ironic will have to set the resource class field before upgrading to Pike and change flavors before upgrading to Queens
    • The ironic virt driver in Nova is going to be automatically migrating the embedded flavor within existing instances in Pike [23]
    • A periodic task in the nova-compute service
      will automatically create any custom resource class from an ironic node
      in the Placement service if it does not already exist
  • Install Guide Testing [25]
    • Docs team needs volunteers to test and verify the installation instructions [26]
    • If you find things that need work, add them here [27]
    • Teams in particular that should take note:
      • Cinder
      • Keystone
      • Horizon
      • Neutron
      • Nova
      • Glance
  • Reducing Code Complexity as a to-5 goal [6]
    • Different than former approaches- cdent proposes prioritization of a few simple rules of thumb
      • Extracing methods
      • Keeping methods short
      • Avoiding side effects
      • Keeping modules short
    • Cdent proposed a patch [7]
    • Current Top 5 list [8]
  • CleanUp Oslo Deprecated Stuff [9]
    • There are a lot of things that need to be cleaned up in Queens that have been deprecated in Oslo[10]
    • If you have questions- go to the oslo helproom at the PTG
    • Common gerrit topic will be ‘oslo-debt-cleanup’ to help track reviews around this technical debt
  • Marking <= mitaka EOL[11]
    • There are a number of old stable/* branches that need to be cleaned up
    • If you are involved in the following projects, please speak up!
      • QA
      • Group-based-policy
      • Zaqar
      • Packaging-deb
      • Fuel
      • networking-*
    • Removal is set to happen at the PTG





























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