OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest September 16-22




  • Should we have Upstream Institutes at the PTG? yay or nay


Gerrit Upgrade Update From Infra

  • Gerrit emails are slow, because it’s sending one at a time
  • Web UI File Editor
    • Behaving oddly. Might be because of API time outs. Gertty is also having reported problems.
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Install Guide VS Tutorial

  • Since the doc-migration, people have been having questions regarding the usage of “Install Tutorial” and “Install Guide” in the OpenStack manuals repository and project specific repos.
    • The documentation team agrees this should be consistent.
    • Tutorial’s literal translation is “paper, book, film, or computer program that provide practical information about a specific subject.”
  • From PTG discussions, a distinction made was installation provides one of many possible ways to install the components.
  • Consistency is more important than bike shedding over the name.
    • Industry wise, what’s the trend?
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Garbage Patches for simple typo fixes

  • Previous thread from 2016 on this
  • Various contributors are doing many patches that are typo, style changes.
    • It has been expressed that this can cause CI resource starvation.
  • TC created the Top 5 help wanted to help contributors know where the community needs the most identified help.
  • This is a social issue, not a technical issue. Arguing about what is useful and what isn’t is probably not worth the effort here.
  • Communication and education is probably the best solution here. For repeated offenders, off-list email could be fine to make sure the communication is clear. Communicating this in the new contributor portal and Upstream Institute would be helpful.
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