OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest July 1-8

Important Dates

  • July 14, 2017 23:59 OpenStack Summit Sydney Call for Presentations closes 1.
  • Around R-3 and R-4 (July 31 – August 11, 2017) PTL elections 2
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  • TC status update by Thierry 4
  • API Working Group new 5
  • Nova placement/resource providers update 6

SuccessBot Says

  • pabelanger on openstack-infra 7: opensuse-422-infracloud-chocolate-8977043 launched by nodepool
  • clark on openstack-infra 8: infra added citycloud to the pool of test nodes.
  • fungi on openstack-infra 9: OpenStack general mailing list archives from Launchpad (July 2010 to July 2013) have been imported into the current general archive on
  • adreaf on openstack-qa: 10 Tempest ssh validation running by default in the gate on master.
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Most Supported Goals And Improving Goal Completion

  • Community wide goals discussions started at the OpenStack Forum, then the mailing list and IRC for those that couldn’t be at the Forum.
    • These discussions help the TC make decisions on which goals will be to a release.
  • Potential goals:
    • Split Tempest plugins into separate repos/projects 12
    • Move policy and docs into code 13
  • Goals in Pike haven’t been really reached.
  • An idea from the meeting to address this is creating a role called “Champions” who are drum beaters to get a goal done, by helping projects with tracking status, and sometime doing code patches.
  • Interested volunteers who have a good understanding of their selected goal and its implementation to be a trusted person.
  • From the the discussion in thread, it seems we’re mostly in agreement with the Champion idea.
    • We have a volunteer for splitting out tempest plugins into repos/projects.
  • Full thread 14


  13.[email protected]/msg106392.html

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