OpenStack Developer Mailing list Digest June 10-16


  • TC report 24 by Chris Dent 1
  • Release countdown for week R-10 and R-9, June 16-30 by Thierry 2
  • TC Status Update by Thierry 3.

Making Fuel a Hosted Project

  • Fuel originated from Mirantis as their OpenStack installer.
  • Approved as an official OpenStack project November 2015.
  • The goal was to get others involved to make one generic OpenStack installer.
  • In Mitaka and Newton it represented more commits than Nova.
  • While the Fuel team embraced open collaboration, it failed to attract other organizations.
  • Since October 2016 Fuel’s activity dropped from it’s main sponsor.
    • 68% drop between 2016 and 2017.
    • Project hasn’t held a meeting for three months.
    • Activity dropped from ~990 commits/month (April 2016, August 2016) to 52 commits in April 2017 and 25 commits May 2017.
  • Full thread: 4

Moving Away from “big tent” Terminology

  • Back in 2014 our integrated release was not really integrated, too big to be installed by everyone, yet too small to accommodate the growing interest in other forms of “open infrastructure”.
  • Incubation process created catch-22’s.
  • Project structure reform 4 discussions switched us to a simpler model: project teams would be approved based on how well they’d it the OpenStack overall mission and community principles rather than maturity.
    • Nick named the big tent 5
  • It ended up mostly creating confusion due to various events and mixed messages which we’re still struggling with today.
  • This was discussed during a TC office hour in channel openstack-tc 6
  • There is still no agreement on how to distinguish official and unofficial projects. The feedback in this thread will be used to assist the TC+UC+Board sub group on better communicating what is OpenStack.
  • Full thread: 7


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