OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest January 21-27

SuccessBot Says

  • dims [1] : Nova now has a python35 based CI job in check queue running Tempest tests (everything running on py35)
  • markvoelker [2]: Newly published Foundation annual report starts off with interoperability right in the chairman’s note [3]
  • Tell us yours via OpenStack IRC channels with message “#success <message>”
  • All: [4]

Get Active in Upstream Training

  • There is a continuous effort in helping newcomers join our community by organizing upstream contribution trainings [5][6] before every summit.
    • 1.5 – 2 days of hands-on steps of becoming an active OpenStack contributor.
  • Like everything else, this is a community effort.
    • In preparation for the Boston summit and the upcoming PTG in Atlanta, we are looking for coaches and mentors to help us make the training better.
    • If you’re interested in helping contact:
      • Ildiko Vancsa IRC freenode at ildikov or email [7]
      • Kendall Nelson IRC freenode at diablo_rojo or email [8]
  • Full thread: [9]

Project Team Gathering Coordination Tool

  • No central scheduling, beyond assigned rooms to teams and days.
    • Each team arranges their time in their room.
    • List of etherpads [10]
  • We still need centralized communication beyond each room:
    • An event IRC channel: #openstack-ptg on free node IRC
      • Do public service announcements
      • Pings from room to room.
    • An EtherCalc spreadsheet powered dynamic schedule with extra rooms available:
      • One fishbowl
      • A few dark rooms with projectors and screens (not all will have a/v equipment due to budget).
      • Infra is working on setting up EtherCalc
  • Full thread: [11]

POST /api-wg/news

  • API Guidelines proposed for freeze:
    • Add guidelines on usage of state vs. status [12]
    • Clarify the status values in versions [13]
    • Add guideline for invalid query parameters [14]
  • Guidelines currently under review:
    • Add guidelines for boolean names [15]
    • Define pagination guidelines [16]
    • Add API capabilities discovery guideline [17 ]
  • Full thread: [18]

Lots of Teams Without PTL Candidates

  • We are reaching close to the end of the PTL nominations (Jan 29, 2017 23:45 UTC), but have projects that are leaderless:
  • Community App Catalog
  • Ec2 API
  • Fuel
  • Karbor
  • Magnum
  • Monasca
  • OpenStackClient
  • OpenStackUX
  • Packaging Prm
  • Rally
  • RefStack
  • Requirements
  • Senlin
  • Stable Branch Maintenance
  • Vitrage
  • Zun
  • Full thread [19]

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