OpenStack Developer Mailing List Digest January 7-13

SuccessBot Says

  • dims 1: Rally running against Glance (Both Rally and Glance using py3.5).
  • AJaegar 2: is served from the new Infra file server that is AFS based.
  • jd 3: Gnocchi 3.1 will be shipped with an empty /etc and will work without any config file by default.
  • cdent 4 : edleafe found narrowed down an important bug in gabbi.
  • Tell us yours via OpenStack IRC channels with message “#success <message>”
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Return of the Architecture Working Group

  • Meeting times Alternate, even weeks Thursday at 20:00UTC, odd weeks Thursday at 01:00UTC
  • Currently two proposes:
    • “Base Services” proposal 5 recognizes components leveraging features from external services that OpenStack components can assume will be present. Two kinds:
      • Local (like a hypervisor on a compute node)
      • Global (like a database)
    • “Nova Compute API” proposal 6 breaking nova-compute out of Nova itself.
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Restarting Service-types-authority / service catalog work

  • In anticipation of having a productive time in Atlanta for the PTG, various patches have been refreshed 7.
  • Two base IASS services aren’t in the list yet because of issues:
    • Neutron / network – discrepancy between common use of “network” and “networking” in the API reference URL. Other services in the list have the service-type and the URL name for the API reference are the same.
    • Cinder / volume – Moving forward from using volumev2 and volumev3 in devstack.
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Feedback From Driver Maintainers About Future of Driver Projects

  • Major observations
    • Yes drivers are an important part of OpenStack.
    • Discoverability of drivers needs to be fixed immediately.
    • It’s important to have visibility in a central place of the status of each driver.
    • Both driver developer and a high level person at a company should feel they’re part of something.
    • Give drivers access to publish to
    • What constitutes a project was never for drivers. Drivers are part part of the project. Driver developers contribute to OpenStack by creating drivers.
  • Discoverability:
    • Consensus: it is currently all over the place 8 9 10.
    • There should be CI results available.
    • Discoverability can be fixed independently of governance changes.
  • Driver projects official or not?
    • Out-of-tree vendors have a desire to become “official” OpenStack projects.
    • Opinion: let driver projects become official without CI requirements.
    • Opinion: Do not allow drivers projects to become official, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t easily be discoverable.
    • Opinion: We don’t need to open the flood gates of allowing vendors to be teams in the OpenStack governance to make the vendors developers happy.
    • Fact: This implies being placed under the TC oversight. It is a significant move that could have unintended side-effects, it is hard to reverse (kicking out teams we accepted is worse than not including them in the first place), and our community is divided on the way forward. So we need to give that question our full attention and not rush the answer.
    • Opinion: Consider driver log 11 an official OpenStack project to be listed under governance with a PTL, weekly meetings, and all that it required to allow the team to be effective in their mission of keeping the marketplace a trustworthy resource for learning about OpenStack driver ecosystem.
  • Driver Developers:
    • Opinion: A driver developer that ONLY contributes to vendor specific driver code should not have the same influence as other OpenStack developers, voting for PTL, TC, and ATC status.
    • Opinion: PTLs should leverage the extra-atcs option in the governance repo.
  • In-tree VS out-of-tree
    • Cinder has in-tree drivers, but also has out-of-tree drivers when their CI is not maintained or when minimum feature requirements are not met. They are marked as ‘not supported’ and have a single release to get things working before being moved out-of-tree.
    • Ironic has a single out-of-tree repo 12 — But also in-tree 13
    • Neutron has all drivers out-of-tree, with project names like: ‘networking-cisco’.
    • Many opinions on the “stick-based” approach the cinder team took.
    • Opinion: The in-tree vs out-of-tree argument is developer focused. Out-of-tree drivers have obvious benefits (develop quickly, maintain their own team, no need for a core to review the patch). But a vendor that is looking to make sure a driver is supported will not be searching git repos (goes back to discoverability).
    • Opinion: May be worth handling the projects that keep supported drivers in-tree differently that we handle projects that have everything out-of-tree.
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POST /api-wg/news

  • Guidelines currently under review:
    • Add guidelines on usage of state vs. status 14
    • Add guidelines for boolean names 15
    • Clarify the status values in versions 16
    • Define pagination guidelines 17
    • Add API capabilities discovery guideline 18
    • Add guideline for invalid query parameters 19
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New Deadline for PTG Travel Support Program

  • Help contributors that are not otherwise funded to join their project team gathering 20
  • Originally the application acceptance was set to close January 15, but it’s now extended to the end-of-day Tuesday January 17th.
  • Apply now if you need it! 21
  • Submissions will be evaluated next week and grantees will be notified by Friday, January 20th.
  • Register for the event 22 if you haven’t yet. Prices will increase on January 24 and February 14.
  • If you haven’t already booked your hotel yet, do ASAP in the event hotel itself using the PTG room block. This helps us keep costs under control and helps share the most time with the event participants.
    • Closes January 27
    • Book now 23
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Release Countdown For Week R-5

  • Focus:
    • Feature work and major refactoring be starting to wrap up as we approach the the third milestone.
  • Release Tasks:
    • stable/ocata branches will be created and configured with a small subset of the core review team. Release liaisons should ensure that these groups exist and the membership is correct.
  • General Notes:
    • We will start the soft string freeze during R-4 (Jan 23-27) 24
    • Subscribe to the release calendar with your favorite calendaring software 25
  • Important Dates:
    • Final release for non-client libraries: January 19
    • Ocata 3 milestone with feature and requirements freeze: January 26
    • Ocata release schedule 26
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