OpenStack Developer Activity Weekly Review (April 1- 8)

Many people have asked for more insight into the developer activities for OpenStack as the large number of code changes and proposals make it difficult to monitor everything happening. In hopes of exposing more of the developer activities, I plan to post a weekly or biweekly blog post on the latest development activities. If you have any ideas for this blog post, please email me at [email protected]. I am always ready to listen to the community for new ideas.


Developer Mailing List (archive:

This is select list of topics discussed this week in the developer mailing list and is not a complete list.  Please visit the archive to see all the topics.

  • Cactus Gamma Freeze now in effect – Thierry Carrez has announced a Gamma freeze.
  • Design Summit – call for sessions – Thierry Carrez reminded the community that the Diablo Design Summit starts April 27 – April 29. Session topics submissions are following a detailed process at  Accepted sessions for the event are at
  • Dotnet cloud file access – Jon Slenk asked about getting to work with a local Swift install and is looking for assistance. Chuck Thier responded with some items to consider for C# bindings.
  • Logging, 500, Debugging – Zed Shaw asks about debugging settings for the Swift product.   Mike Barton responded that there is not a log of debug-level logging in the Swift proxy server. Zed indicated that he plans to write up some details about the discrepancies b/w LOG_LEVEL0 as the “default” in the docs.


  • Number of OpenStack Developers on Contributors List – 165 (+3 for week)
  • Cactus Release Status – Blueprints (
    • Essential – 5 Design Approved; 5 Implemented
    • High – 12 Blueprints; 9 Implemented – 3 Deferred
    • Medium – 20 Blueprints; 17 Implemented – 3 Deferred
    • Low – 15 Blueprints; 8 Implemented – 7 Deferred

For the latest on development activities on OpenStack please check these sites for more details:



  1.  OpenStack Developer Activity Weekly Review (April 1- 8) | OpenStack News J

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