OpenStack Developer Activity Review (February 21 – February 28)

Many people have asked for more insight into the developer activities for OpenStack as the large number of code changes and proposals make it difficult to monitor everything happening. In hopes of exposing more of the developer activities, I plan to post a weekly or biweekly blog post on the latest development activities. If you have any ideas for this blog post, please email me at [email protected]. I am always ready to listen to the community for new ideas.

• Nova 2011.1.1 release candidate available for testing –

Developer Mailing List (archive:

Announcing the OpenStack Dashboard – Devin Carlen announced the availability of the OpenStack Dashboard based on the NASA Nebula Dashboard. Code links at
Availability of RHEL build of Bexar release of OpenStack Nova – Grid Dynamics announced the availability of OpenStack Nova RHEL 6.0 build. The instructions to install on run on their build at
Working on fixing code after a review? Please mark merge proposal Work in Progress – Jay Pipes commented on the backlog of code waiting for review at Jay suggests several steps for developers whose code has been reviewed with suggested code fixes. Ewan Mellor suggested that a new Wiki page be created with all the information for developers on “How Peer Reviews Work”.
Should the OpenStack API re-use the EC2 credentials? – Justin Santa Barbara submitted a new blueprint,, to handle the authentication issues that arose between how OpenStack API and EC2 worked. More than 20 responses on this topic were posted so see for more information.
Decoupling of Network and Compute Services for the new Network Service design – Ryu Ishimoto proposes a possible solution to make NOVA no longer directly dependent on the network services to allow for future “pluggable” options. More than 20 responses on this topic as well – see for more information.


  • Number of OpenStack Developers on Contributors List – 151
  • Cactus Release Status – Blueprints (
    • Essential – 5 Design Approved; 1 Implemented – 1 Needs Code Review – 1 Beta Available
    • High – 11 Blueprints; 2 Drafting
    • Medium – 22 Blueprints; 3 Needs Code Review; 1 Blocked
    • Low – 16 Blueprints; 2 Needs Code Review; 4 Implemented

For the latest on development activities on OpenStack please check these sites for more details:



  1.  Community Weekly Newsletter (February 28 – March 4) — The OpenStack Blog

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