OpenStack Developer Activity (March 19 – 25)

Many people have asked for more insight into the developer activities for OpenStack as the large number of code changes and proposals make it difficult to monitor everything happening. In hopes of exposing more of the developer activities, I plan to post a weekly or biweekly blog post on the latest development activities. If you have any ideas for this blog post, please email me at [email protected]. I am always ready to listen to the community for new ideas.


Developer Mailing List (archive:

This is select list of topics discussed this week in the developer mailing list and is not a complete list.  Please visit the archive to see all the topics.

  • Cactus Feature Freeze now in effect – Thierry Carrez has announced a Feature Freeze deadline on branches that introduce new features or change the expected behavior of the blueprint.
  • vSphere support merged – Ewan Mellor notifies the community of the completion of the VMware hypervisor vSphere merge into Compute.  Ewan thanks several members for their assistance: Nerraj Koul, Rochanglien Infimate, Sateesh Chodapuneedi, Ravi Gururaj, Milind Barve, Armando Migliaccio, Salvatore Orlando, Jay Pipes, Rick Harris, Rick Clark, Anne Gently, Soren Hansen, and Thierry Carrez.
  • OpenStack API – Where do I find? – Sheshadri Amathnadu asks for the location of the OpenStack Compute and Object Storage API information. Ken Pepple suggests and Sandy Walsh indicated that Compute supports both Amazon EC2 and Rackspace 1.0 API.  Sheshadri links to the Object Storage APIs at
  • Instance IDs and Multiple Zones – Ed Leafe kicked off the largest discussion of the week ( by looking for a solution to the problem of instances requiring unique IDs across Zones.
  • OpenStack API – Volumes? – Adam Johnson asked about the final decision on volumes in the OpenStack API. He is looking for the community consensus on what the API looks like.  Chuck Their replied that this topic is planned for discussion at the OpenStack Design Summit in April.  Justin Santa Barbara commented on the existing volume solutions and ideas for implementation, read more at


  • Number of OpenStack Developers on Contributors List – 162 (+7 for week)
  • Cactus Release Status – Blueprints (
    • Essential – 5 Design Approved; 4 Implemented – 1 Needs Code Review
    • High – 12 Blueprints; 8 Implemented – 1 Need Code Review – 3 Deferred
    • Medium – 20 Blueprints; 3 Needs Code Review; 13 Implemented –1 Good Progress – 1 Started – 2 Deferred
    • Low – 14 Blueprints; 6 Implemented – 1 Needs Code Review; – 4 Not Started – 3 Deferred
    • Undefined – 1 Implemented

For the latest on development activities on OpenStack please check these sites for more details:



  1.  Community Weekly Newsletter (March 25 – April 1) — The OpenStack Blog

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