OpenStack Design Summit Community Roundup

This blog post is an attempt to gather all the information posted about the event including other blog posts, pictures, videos, etc. If you have something not listed on this page please add it to the comments or send me the information and I will update this blog posting.


Rob Hirschfeld



Rick Clark


Tim Gaylean


Itai Frenkel

* (English)


* (Hebrew)

* Watch for future OpenStack talks in Israel

Programmer Thoughts


JB George



The Loose Couple’s Blog


SMEStorage Blog







Developer Interviews with Stephen Spector


Zenoss Video Interview with Stephen Spector


Barton’s Blog Video Interview

* Chris Kemp, NASA;

* David Lempher, PWC;

* Gordon Mangione, Citrix;

* Graziano Obertell, Eucalyptus;

* Rick Clark, OpenStack;

* Joe Tobolski, Accenture;

* PowerEdge C powers OpenStack Install Fest;


Collection of #openstack images from the web –

OpenStack Flickr account –



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  2.  Openstack Cloud Computing – An Interview with Stephen Spector

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