OpenStack Conference Spring 2012 Day 1

The OpenStack Conference started with incredible keynotes this morning. All sessions are recorded and videos will be published soon. Meanwhile, the slides provided by the speakers are shared on SlideShare OpenStack group.

Highlights of first day

packed room for opening session at #openstack conference with @jbryce

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Radio Free Asia brings freedom of press to closed societies using #OpenStack

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Mark Interrante and John Engates live demoing Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by #OpenStack

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Live deployment of #OpenStack by Mark Shuttleworth on stage

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Kurt Garloff, VP Engineering at DBU Cloud Services in Deutsche Telekom talking about his Linux experience and parallels

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Biri Singh explains HP Cloud Services powered by #OpenStack

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Chris Kemp on stage thanking leaders of #OpenStack and recognizing ecosystem


“Vish Ashaya hosting a panel of block storage experts at #openstack including #Ceph's Tommi Vaartinen”

Party time now!



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