OpenStack Conference / Design Summit : Announcing Service Provider Track

I am pleased to announce the confirmation of a new track at the OpenStack Conference / Design Summit next month on April 26 – 29, 2011. Bernard Golden, CEO of HyperStratus, virtualization and cloud blogger on, and author of “Virtualization for Dummies” has agreed to host a unique track for service providers deploying or planning to deploy an OpenStack cloud based on OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage. This track has confirmed speakers from KT, Cloudscaling, and Mach Technologies along with a roundtable discussion hosted by Bernard to further engage the service provider community in best practices for going to market with OpenStack.

The current agenda for this track is listed below:

  • OpenStack Clouds, Bernard Golden (HyperStratus)
  • Delivering OpenStack Object Storage to the People, Jaesuk Ahn (KT) and Andrew Shafer (Cloudscaling)
  • Integrated Managed Services NG Stack via OpenStack,  Paul Pettigrew (CEO, Mach Technology )
  • Commercialization of OpenStack Object Storage, Joe Arnold (Cloudscaling)
  • Group Discussion on Service Provider Plans and Initiatives Leveraging OpenStack hosted by Bernard Golden

Event registration for the OpenStack Conference / Design Summit is here. I look forward to this track at the upcoming event as OpenStack moves from the development to deployment phase.


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