OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Sep 12 – 19)

The Kilo Design Summit in Paris

In less than two months the OpenStack development community will gather in Paris to discuss the details of the Kilo development cycle. It starts after the keynotes on the Tuesday of the summit week, and ends at the end of the day on the Friday. We decided a number of changes in the Design Summit organization in order to make it an even more productive time for all of us.

Reports from Previous Events

The Road To Paris 2014 – Deadlines and Resources

During the Paris Summit there will be a working session for the Women of OpenStack to frame up more defined goals and line out a blueprint for the group moving forward. We encourage all women in the community to complete this very short surveyto provide input for the group.

Relevant Conversations

Tips ‘n Tricks

Security Advisories and Notices

Upcoming Events

Other News

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Reviewers, Developers and Core Reviewers

Welcome Nejc Saje to ceilometer-core and Radoslav to oslo-vmware core team and StevenK to core tripleo core team

m-k-k Rafael Rivero
Loa Billy Olsen
Dave McCowan Zoltán Lajos Kis
Zhai, Edwin Yogesh
Syed Ismail Faizan Barmawer Rajaneesh Singh
Neill Cox Barnaby Court
Satoru Moriya Ari
Jamie Finnigan Gary Hessler
Dan Sneddon Chardon Gerome
Brian Tully
Martin André

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Rolling back a change

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