OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 29 – June 5)

Containers and OpenStack: here’s what you need to know

Interview with Adrian Otto, a principal architect at Rackspace, is the project technical lead (PTL) for Magnum, an API service developed by the OpenStack containers team for OpenStack to make container management tools such as Docker and Kubernetes available as first-class resources in OpenStack. Magnum officially joined the OpenStack project list upon approval by a unanimous vote by the Technical Committee in March 2015.

What building Legos can teach you about open source

If you want to build a gas station next to a children’s playground, fireworks are pretty much guaranteed. That not-in-my-neighborhood face-off was one of the issues hashed out in a recent OpenStack Upstream Training session where about 50 participants split into teams building Lego sets.

Travel grants bring global community members to OpenStack Summit

Turns out there’s nothing like working together in person to push a cloud project forward. To help make that valuable face time happen, the OpenStack Foundation funded the travel and hotel accommodations for 21 men and 7 women who are key contributors to attend the OpenStack Summit Vancouver.

Neutron RFE Process

Starting with the development of the Juno release, the Neutron project moved to using a specs repository similar to how other projects were using them. Kyle Mestery, Neutron’s PTL, reflects on the fact that the process at best, lengthened the pipeline we had in place to gate the incoming feature fire-hose. At worst, it turned off potential committers. Neutron’s team is implementing a new process meant to allow users to express their desires for new features using Launchpad.

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Recently Merged Specs

Subject Owner Project
fix wrong title for OS-INHERIT Extension spec Guojian Shao openstack/keystone-specs
Introduce flavor framework for services mark mcclain openstack/neutron-specs
Use os-brick library Walter A. Boring IV (hemna) openstack/nova-specs
Federated domain identified by “id“ not “name“ Marek Denis openstack/keystone-specs
Removing JobExecutionArgument Table Ethan Gafford openstack/sahara-specs
Spec for pre-signed URLs Flavio Percoco openstack/zaqar-specs
Add support for missing features in zaqarclient v1.1 Doraly Navarro openstack/zaqar-specs
Tests refactoring spec Thomas Herve openstack/zaqar-specs
Remove Liberty Placeholder Kiall Mac Innes openstack/designate-specs
Add a backlog folder Flavio Percoco openstack/zaqar-specs
Fix references syntax for correct conversion into html Oleksii Zamiatin openstack/oslo-specs
MongoDB database management commands Matthew Van Dijk openstack/trove-specs
Configuration Groups for Cassandra Petr Malik openstack/trove-specs
Add backup and restore to the Redis datastore Peter Stachowski openstack/trove-specs
Update Ironic spec URL refs to Naohiro Tamura openstack/ironic-specs
Spec for graduating reports Davanum Srinivas (dims) openstack/oslo-specs
Neutron QoS API Extension Sean M. Collins openstack/neutron-specs
Explain how to adopt a backlog spec Joe Gordon openstack/nova-specs
Add new boot interface in Ironic Ramakrishnan G openstack/ironic-specs
Add spec approval rules to readme Michael Still openstack/nova-specs
Property Group Kanagaraj Manickam openstack/heat-specs
Drop incubating theme from docs Joe Gordon openstack/barbican-specs
Add open-iscsi transport support to brick Anish Bhatt openstack/cinder-specs
Adopt oslo guru meditation report to cinder wanghao openstack/cinder-specs
Backup and Restore for Cassandra Petr Malik openstack/trove-specs


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Unexpected hiccup before the release

Unexpected hiccup before the release

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