OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 13 – 20)

Summer Speaking Sessions and Call for Papers

Summer is in full swing and there are some great industry events coming up on the OpenStack Marketing calendar, as well as Call for Proposals deadlines!

Marconi to AMQP: See you later

In the last couple of weeks, Marconi’s team has been doing lots of research around AMQP and the possibility of supporting traditional queuing systems. Flavio Percoco, believed with others that this capability would be useful. However, after digging more into what’s needed and what supporting traditional brokers means for Marconi, the community changed its mind and now believes supporting such systems doesn’t make much sense anymore. This post explains why.

Tracking multiple OpenStack projects using StoryBoard

StoryBoard is a new task tracking system which is aimed at the systems where projects are closely related, and OpenStack is definitely a good example of that. In inter-related systems like OpenStack, a feature or a bug usually affects more than one project, so it should be tracked simultaneously across those projects. The proof-of-concept was presented in the Havana release cycle by OpenStack release manager Thierry Carrez, and active development started during the Icehouse development cycle. The project is now driven by three major contributor companies: the OpenStack Foundation, Mirantis, and HP.

Breaking news:OpenStack Object Storage ‘Storage policies’ merge today

The series of patches that will eventually lead to Swift 2.0 merged today. Many Swift contributors have been working on storage policies for quite some time now. It’s a huge feature and improvement to Swift that enables a ton of new use cases. Storage policies allow deployers to configure multiple object rings and expose them to end users on a per-container basis. Deployers can create policies based on hardware performance, regions, or other criteria and independently choose different replication factors on them. A policy is set on a Swift container at container creation time and cannot be changed. Full docs and more details about the roadmap in this message by John Dickinson.

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