OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 30 – Feb 6)

OpenStack “L” naming poll

We’d like your help again in selecting the right name for the development cycle and release coming after “Kilo”. Our next summit will happen in Vancouver, BC (Canada) in May. L candidate names were proposed, selected and checked for various issues… leaving 4 candidates on the final public poll. Please take a moment to participate to our poll:

Take these OpenStack Infrastructure tools and run!

When you’ve got thousands of proposed patchsets, comments and test environments flooding in every day, you need the right tools to handle them. OpenStack created these free software tools to handle its burgeoning scale – here’s what they can do for you.

How to craft a successful OpenStack Summit proposal

The community has plenty to say: there were over 1,000 proposals for less than 200 talks at the Paris Summit in November 2014. For the upcoming Summit in Vancouver, there are 17 Summit tracks, from community building and security to hands-on labs. The deadline for proposals is February 9.

Musings and Predictions from Superuser’s Editorial Advisors

We spoke to Superuser’s editorial advisory board to hear their perspectives on the Kilo release and what they’re looking forward to as the Vancouver Summit approaches in May.

The Road to Vancouver

Relevant Conversations

Deadlines and Development Priorities

Reports From Previous Events

Security Advisories and Notices

Tips ‘n Tricks

Upcoming Events

The 2015 events plan is now available on the Global Events Calendar wiki.

Other News

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

OpenStack Reactions


Heat autoscale

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