OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Jan 17 – 24)

Icehouse-2 development milestone available

The second milestone of the Icehouse development cycle, “icehouse-2” is now available for Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon, Neutron, Cinder, Ceilometer, Heat, and Trove. Including the oslo libraries, “only” 50 blueprints were implemented and about 650 bugs were fixed during this milestone, which is slightly less than our usual velocity at that point in the cycle. This is mostly due to the recent issues in gating and the end-of-year holiday season. The next development milestone, icehouse-3, is scheduled for March 6th.

Organizing a Gate Blocking Bug Fix Day – Mon Jan 27th

Developers may have noticed issues with our gate and in order to improve the situation Sean Dague proposed a Gate Blocking Bug Fix Day on Jan 27th. All developers are encouraged to focus on fixing bugs on the OpenStack CI infrastructure.

OpenStack Swift as backend for Git

The fine folks at Enovance have written about the advantages of using Swift as backend for Git. In a recent blog post they gave also some details about what happens in Git (server side) when a client pushes or fetches objects. They’ve now shared more operational details on how to handle Swift as a backend to store repositories.

Tips ‘n Tricks

By Andreas Jaeger: Python Virtualenv awesomeness – and developing openstack-doc-tools and Setting up gating in the OpenStack intrastructure

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Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

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Xav Paice Tapan
Donald Stufft Ralf Haferkamp
Zhang Yang Ken Pepple
Eli Klein Jerry Johnson
Gregory Haynes Gregory Haynes
Aaron Weitekamp Eric Brown
JiaHao Li Balazs Gibizer
tinytmy Trevor McKay
LeileiZhou Svetlana Dobogoeva
Joel Friedly Paul Nelson
Enol Fernández Mike Spreitzer
Maxim Kulkin John Speidel
Dima Shulyak IWAMOTO Toshihiro
lizheming Evgeny Fedoruk
Andrew Lazarev
Yuanhui Liu
Kaitlin Farr
Ronelle Landy
Matthew Fischer
Dieter P

Latest Activity In Projects

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Jenkins giving me a -1 on my change

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