OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Feb 6 – 13)

OpenStack crowns “Liberty” its next release name

OpenStack’s next release will be called Liberty. While you might be thinking of the word liberty in terms of “freedom” (as in free beer or other things), the name comes from a village in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Introducing PoshStack, the PowerShell client for OpenStack

OpenStack SDKs exist for several programming languages, including Python, Go, Ruby, and many more. For those who don’t wish to write code, users in the *nix world can use Curl at the command line to perform operations. What about Microsoft Windows administrators? Windows admins can use PowerShell and PoshStack”.

How you can help refresh OpenStack’s Documentation site

If you’ve checked out the OpenStack Documentation site recently, you may have noticed a new look. The refreshed design of the landing page is the beginning of an ongoing overhaul. The site is, however, open under construction and people are already applauding the refresh. The move to a simpler markup language will go a long way to helping OpenStack contributors work on the documentation that matters to them.

GSoC2015: Its time for potential mentors and participants!

It is time for us to apply for slots for the annual Google Summer of Code event. Last year, we got a bunch of slots and had awesome projects. We are hoping this year we will get even more slots, uber cool projects etc. If you are interested – either as a mentor or as a participant, please feel free to add your name, project ideas to the wiki page.

The Road to Vancouver

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The 2015 events plan is now available on the Global Events Calendar wiki.

Supercomputing 2015 Call for Presentations Deadlines Coming Up

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When I heard that there was some private OpenStack channels

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