OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Aug 10-23)

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在全体大会中将提供英文至中文之即时翻译。 要得到更多信息, 请查阅注册信息页

Introducing the OpenStack Ambassador Program

OpenStack Community Manager Tom Fifield started the discussion on the formation of an OpenStack Ambassador Program, which aims to create a framework of community leaders to sustainably expand the reach of OpenStack around the world. We would like to recognize and further empower these community members to achieve the OpenStack mission, as well as provide more structure and resources to the growing community and user groups. Your feedback would be excellent! For more specifics on the program, and information about becoming an ambassador, stay tuned for the next post.

Managing identities in the cloud

CERN has 11,000 physicists who use the lab’s facilities including the central IT department resources. As with any research environment, there are many students, PhDs and other project members who join one of the experiments at CERN. They need to have computing accounts to access CERN’s cloud but we also need to make sure these resources are handled correctly when they are no longer affiliated with the organisation.

Why OpenStack Puppet modules did not have vacation

A lot of work has been done on Puppet modules lately. There is no doubt to say that puppet modules are designed for high-quality and best-practices configurations around an important community who takes care of those concepts.

Yet another way to monitor OpenStack

Emilien Macchi decided to write some useful scripts to check if every OpenStack service are running. He was not fully satisfied with current methods because he feels they lack some deepness.

refined: 10 OpenStack Core Positions

OpenStack Foundation Board member Rob Hirschfeld keeps iterating looking for a proposal to define “what is core” in the context of OpenStack. This is a must-read for anybody interested in joining the meeting in San Francisco on Aug 27.

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Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Developers

Is your affiliation correct? Check your profile in the OpenStack Foundation Members Database!

  • Jaime Gil de Sagredo Luna, StackOps
  • Joshua Hesketh, Rackspace
  • Oleg Gelbukh, Mirantis
  • Jiri Stransky, Red Hat
  • Steffen Gebert, None
  • Trevor Robert, Jr, Cisco
  • Pei Zhen, None
  • Sabari Kumar Murugesan, Vmware
  • Ignacio Barrio, Stackops
  • Charles V Bock, Intel
  • Jordan OMara, Red Hat
  • Sarah Novotny, Meteor Entertainment
  • Maksym Iarmak, Mirantis
  • Marton Kiss, Fremont Ltd
  • Petr Blaho, Red Hat
  • Ryan Hsu, Vmware
  • Alan Jiang, IBM
  • Zhang Guoqing, None
  • Hwbi
  • Abhijeet Malawade, NTT Data
  • Shuangtai Tian, Intel
  • Jake Liu, None
  • Vladislav Kuzmin, Mirantis
  • Nejc Saje, Xlab d.o.o.
  • Peter Mooshammer, None
  • Floren Llanos, None

OpenStack Reactions

How I feel when a -1 turns into a +1 after explanation

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