OpenStack Community Update

It’s been four weeks since the launch of OpenStack, and we’ve been amazed by the response. A huge thank you to the developers who have been working tirelessly to move the OpenStack Object Storage and Compute projects along at a rapid pace, and to the commercial supporters who have been rallying around an open source cloud alternative. Since the launch of the project, we’ve reached some significant milestones and wanted to share the latest:

  • OpenStack Compute now supports three hypervisors (in just three weeks!) — KVM, XenServer (thanks Ewan Mellor @citrix) and VirtualBox (thanks Justin Santa Barbara ) furthering the community’s goal of broad support
  • Between the two projects, there have been 1,250 code commits and there are more than 55 active branches
  • To date more than 35 bugs have been fixed. The first bug was reported within 8 minutes of launch, and a patch submitted within 20!
  • There has been an average of 130-140 developers in the IRC channel each day, a strong showing for a relatively new community
  • More than 30 companies have joined the OpenStack community, and several are hiring. New members include Cloud Central, Morphlabs, and MidoKura. Check out our jobs page or submit your own.

We’re making progress. How do you get involved?

  • Join our IRC channel #openstack on freenode
  • Find the code and community tools hosted on Launchpad.
  • Ready to contribute code?  complete the process here then checkout our guide to Life with BZR and Launchpad
  • Once you’re part of Launchpad, join the mailing lists (links are inside the Launchpad pages for “Nova” and “Swift” which are the OpenStack Compute and Object Storage projects, respectively)
  • Attend upcoming meetings (see below) and our next design conference later this year; stay tuned for the dates
  • Follow @openstack on twitter — where we’ll be communicating project updates and upcoming events
  • Host your own Stackup!  Tell us about it and we’ll be sure to spread the word.

Upcoming Stackups

  • The Silicon Valley Cloud Computing Group is hosting their first Stackup on Tuesday August 24th.  Over 160 people have already RSVPd, so if you’re in the area sign up now.
  • Thursday August 26th there will be a Stackup at the NASA Ames Research Center with a focus on “Swift” the Object Storage project.  Details here.

Mark Collier

VP of Community & Business Development




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