OpenStack Community Celebrates Four Years!

User maturity, software maturity and a focus on cloud software operations are now established areas of focus for OpenStack and none of it would be possible without the consistent  growth of the OpenStack community. In the four years since the community was established, OpenStack now has 70+ active user groups and thousands of active members spread across 139 different countries!Throughout the month of July, we are celebrating our community milestones and progress over the past four years, as well as Superusers who support the OpenStack mission. This year, we also launched the Superuser publication to chronicle the work of users, and their many accomplishments individually and organizationally amplifying their impact among the community.


We invite you all to join the party and celebrate 4 awesome years of OpenStack:

  • Check out the OpenStack 4th Birthday page featuring the latest stats, infographic and a web badge to download
  • Attend the birthday party in Portland, Oregon during OSCON, Tuesday, July 22
  • Attend your local birthday party, more than 50 are taking place around the world this month!
  • Visit the Superuser publication to learn about the contributors and user groups who make OpenStack successful
  • Join the conversation on Twitter today using the hashtag #OpenStack4Bday
Here are some community leaders’ perspectives reflecting on the past four years with OpenStack and their predictions for the future:


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