OpenStack China Tour #2 Shenzhen

The second stop of OpenStack China Tour, Shenzhen, has been successfully hosted by the COSUG and CSDN on Septempber 22, 2012, which is impressive til now, it was held in 3Wcoffee, a famous Internet theme coffee shop in Shenzen. It is the first time that OpenStack comes to Southern China, attracted about 80 attendees came in the scene, most of them are Cloud specialists, IT engineers, as well as OpenStack users from Canton, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hangzhou etc.

Speakers are coming from Sina Corporation, HK Cyberport, Canonical, CIeNET Technologies, they shared the vision about OpenStack in the Cloud market in the Greater China, and the newly launched OpenStack Foundation, and the technical view of OpenStack core projects. The interaction and communication between speakers and audience is also relatively sufficient, these speakers have done impressive presentations, so that you could hear constant applause in the scene.

Like usual, the first lecture come to Hui Cheng, the lead manager of COSUG and the technical manager of Sina, who initiated the first OpenStack based public cloud in China, Hui also leads his team to become the active corporate contributor which make Sina rank in the top 10 companies by changeset in Folsom release. He was elected by individual members to be an board member of OpenStack Foundation, which makes him to take more responsibility to promote and empower OpenStack in China. This time Hui Cheng introduced the latest progress of OpenStack Foundation and COSUG, as well as delving a little deeper in the deployment of Sina OpenStack production environment and experiences gained from the whole process of building a public cloud based on OpenStack, also explained why Sina choose OpenStack and its underneath of KVM and Ubuntu.

Bruce Lok is responsible for OpenStack IaaS public cloud platform`s development and operations in the Technology Centre of Hong Kong Cyberport, which has been put into the production environment to use. Bruce is also the manager of the newly created HKOSUG, he is excited to promote of open source cloud software OpenStack to the Hong Kong IDC industry and the community.

Rongze Zhu, the storage engineer of Sina, is one of the top 20 contributors to OpenStack projects, he introduced the status and objectives of Cinder. The Cinder support a lot of back-end storage, including open-source sheepdog, and ceph etc. also including the major storage vendors like IBM, Dell, HP, NetApp storage`s products. Rongze said Cinder’s emergence also gave domestic storage vendors an opportunity to participate in Cloud computing, he introduced how to write a driver, to let Cinder support their own storage products.

Zhengpeng Hou, the cloud specialist from Canonical, introduced the latest deployment tool (juju) of OpenStack in Ubuntu, and a live demonstration showed, Zhengpeng emphasized that juju is open source, anyone can use free.

George Wang, the director of CIeNET Technologies, said that because OpenStack is more open than the other Cloud platforms, so he chose to build internal IaaS platform through OpenStack. Cloud platform, engineers of CIeNET around the world can reuse resources, they can also have the right to call and release resources, which greatly accelerates the speed of application deployment which meets user’s requirement, also to enhance the utilization of internal resources.

In the end of this event, audience were giving rounds of warm applause while Hui Cheng was having a closing address, “We are not afraid of disclosing and sharing our detail network topology and design spec of production deployment, as well as our secret to success, because it’s the spirit of Internet and Open-Source, which make us grown up and will lead us stronger and stronger.”

The China OpenStack Tour @ Shenzhen event has proved to be successful, we received many praise and positive feedback in Weibo and email, one attendee send us an email saying “You guys have done a good job in arranging this event, thanks for your selfless sharing and wonderful speech, it’s really helpful for our start-up company”.


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