OpenStack Atlanta Summit Presentation Voting

Wednesday evening we launched the online tool that allows you to rate the presentation proposals summited for the OpenStack Summit coming up May 12-16 in Atlanta.

This is our second year with online voting for summit presentations, and we wanted to let you know about a bug we’ve just corrected that you might have experienced during the first two days of voting. Alert community members discovered that in some cases, older presentations from our prior summit could be displayed once a vote was cast. (The system randomly selects the next presentation to display, and in this particular case it was not limiting the results to only the upcoming summit.) That’s now been corrected and we apologize for the bug that caused it.

Ultimately, the chairs for each track make the final presentation selections, using the ratings gathered from the community as input. To allow a bit more time for you to cast your votes, we’ve extended the voting deadline until midnight central, March 3rd.

If you are a presenter or voter with any questions or feedback, please let us know: [email protected]

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