OpenStack at PuppetConf: Tim Bell of CERN to Keynote

PuppetConf is coming up September 27-28 in San Francisco, and we’re excited to announce some great OpenStack content, including a keynote presentation from Tim Bell of CERN!  Tim’s talk, ‘Accelerating Science with Puppet and OpenStack,’ will review CERN’s objectives, and how their computing infrastructure is evolving to address challenges at scale using community supported software such as Puppet and OpenStack.

PuppetConf will have even more OpenStack talks from:

  • Robert Starmer, Cisco Systems – Deploying OpenStack Clusters with Puppet
  • Yoram Heller, MorphLabs – Using Puppet to Maintain hundreds of OpenStack Deployments
  • Monty Taylor, Hewlett Packard – Collaboratively Managing the OpenStack Project with Puppet

You can see an almost complete line up on the PuppetConf website.

If you’re interested in Puppet and OpenStack, several members of the community started a project consisting of Puppet modules to deploy OpenStack Nova, Glance, Swift, Keystone, and Horizon. More information is available on the project’s Github and from Puppet Labs.

It’s always exciting to see users like CERN talking about their experiences with OpenStack. Thanks to PuppetConf and the Puppet community for hosting this great content!

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