Open Mic Spotlight: Ryan Hsu

RyanHsuThis post is part of the OpenStack Open Mic series to spotlight the people who have helped make OpenStack successful. Each week, a new contributor will step up to the mic and answer five questions about OpenStack, cloud, careers and what they do for fun. If you’re interested in being featured, please choose five questions from this form and submit!

Ryan is a longtime resident of Orange County who recently moved to Silicon Valley to work on Openstack at VMware. He has been mainly focused on testing and infra in Openstack (such as the VMware Minesweeper) but has squeezed in some small contributions in Nova and Horizon as well. Follow him on Twitter @serveshrimp

1. Finish the sentences. OpenStack is great for _______. OpenStack is bad for ______.

Openstack is great for choice. Openstack is bad for nobody. The great thing about OpenStack is that people have total control in selecting the best of breed components to build their cloud. Nobody ever got a nosebleed for choosing Openstack.

2. Get creative — create an original OpenStack gif or haiku! 

Submit awesome patch
Instantly get minus one
Shout curse at the screen

3. How did you learn to code? Are you self-taught or did you learn in college? On-the-job?

My first bout into coding was in the 6th grade when my friends and I would create horrible websites on Geocities. And when we got bored in math class, we would create tiny games in TI-BASIC on our calculators. It wasn’t until college, though, when I actually started coding useful things.

4. Where is your favorite place to code? In the office, at a local coffee shop, in bed?

Anywhere that has little noise and visual distraction, preferably with a dog nearby. Currently the best place is home.

5. What drew you to OpenStack?

OpenStack is extremely dynamic unlike any other projects I’ve worked on in the past. The sheer number of people working on the project, diversity of contributors, and level of enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. Also, Python!


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