Open Mic Spotlight: Claudiu Belu

claudiu_openstackThis post is part of the OpenStack Open Mic series to spotlight the people who have helped make OpenStack successful. Each week, a new contributor will step up to the mic and answer five questions about OpenStack, cloud, careers and what they do for fun. If you’re interested in being featured, please choose five questions from this form and submit!

Claudiu Belu is 23 years old, and a cloud engineer at Cloudbase Solutions. Currently living in Timișoara, Romania, he’s generally a curious person, trying to expand his knowledge and experience as much as he can making use of them on the job, contests or other personal projects. Looking for something new and challenging, he had his first contact with OpenStack about one year ago. The way the community was working on bringing it to new heights and their dedication got his attention and he wanted to bring his skills to the mix as well. Follow him on Twitter @ClaudiuBelu

1. How would you explain your job to your grandmother?

What am I doing at my job?

Well grandma, basically, I’m helping by expanding this new resource called “The Cloud”, by adding and integrating new parts and features to it, making it bigger, work better and be of more use to people. 

What? No grandma,it’s not going to help your crops by making it rain more often.

Then what does it do?

Well, it can do a lot of things, almost anything anyone can imagine and need, from data processing and/or mining to offering complex services over the internet.

2. Get creative — create an original OpenStack gif or haiku!

An OpenStack core reviewer’s daughter goes to her father and asks:
Daughter: Dad, could I go out tonight with my friends to a party? Mom told me to ask you.
Core reviewer: Hmmm… +2‏

3. What new OpenStack projects do you think will have a significant impact on the cloud market in the next year?

Ease of deployment is going to be key for wide adoption in the enterprise world. In this sense, I believe that our work at Cloudbase in integrating our Windows based components with Ubuntu Juju and MaaS will bring a great value to the OpenStack ecosystem.

4. How did you learn to code? Are you self-taught or did you learn in college? On-the-job?

I first started in highschool with Adobe Flash’s ActionScript, but nothing serious. I only took programming more seriously in college, developing my skills and knowledge at an exponential rate through many ways. Those main ways are: mandatory group projects, IT-related conferences and meetups, internships and trainings, and courses, coding contests, being a trainer myself and of course, through work experience.

What really captivated me about programming is that you basically have a personal butler doing whatever you want and coding was the way to tell it what to do. 🙂

5. What does “open source” mean to you?

Open source is a great way to share your ideas and contribute to other great ones. By doing so, you can achieve so much more as a large, open group rather than a small one or even alone.
I think what makes open source so great is that anyone can get involved and also the people that get involved are really interested in the projects and their contribution far outweighs the work done in a normal corporation.


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