Open Mic Spotlight: Alex Meade

alex_meade_faceThis post is part of the OpenStack Open Mic series to spotlight the people who have helped make OpenStack successful. Each week, a new contributor will step up to the mic and answer five questions about OpenStack, cloud, careers and what they do for fun. 

Alex Meade is a Software Developer at Rackspace and an aspiring software craftsman. He has been an OpenStack contributor since April 2011 and is currently a core reviewer on the Glance project. You can follow him on Twitter at @mralexmeade.

1. What do you think is the coolest thing that’s happened with OpenStack over the past three years?

The coolest thing has been it’s mad growth and adoption by so many cloud [providers, users, toolsets]. When I first started working on OpenStack, I had no idea how huge of a deal it would become and now it seems like everyone knows about it. I think when OpenStack nails down more features for cloud stability and interoperability, it’s going to take over the world.

2. What behavior has helped get you the furthest as a developer?

Always working on the hardest and most pressing tasks, not the tasks that just let me check something off my todo list but the ones that have me pulling my hair out constantly. I have a very long way to go as a software developer, despite not having much hair left to pull out.

3. What publications, blogs, mailing lists, etc do you read every day?

I can’t even pretend I read these everyday, but here are some resources I check out regularly:

Mailing lists/Digests:

Status Code –

Coder Weekly –

Devops Weekly –


High Scalability –


IEEE Spectrum

IEEE Computer

4. How many OpenStack t-shirts do you own, and which is your favorite?

At least 15 that actually have OpenStack written on them, not counting that hoodie from San Diego. My favorite is the one that says “Free as in Beer, Speech, and Love” because it has had the most strangers say “nice shirt”.

5. Vulcan or Romulan?

Vulcan \\ //,


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