Mark Collier on Facebook’s Open Compute

Mark Collier has a detailed blog post with plenty of videos on the recent Facebook announcement of Open Compute.  The complete post is here.

My favorite part…

Starting today, communities like Open Compute can combined forces with other open communities like OpenStack and Cloud Foundry to get real world data on how a given workload (say, serving up to 10M users or something less critical, like storing images from Mars) actually consumes power to find the waste and come up with innovative solutions across domains. To prove that collaboration is about action and not talk, Jesse Andrews, Jim Curry and myself approached the Facebook team after the event and said “hey! lend us some of these servers and we’ll take them to our office in San Francisco and have OpenStack running on them tonight!”. Something that might have taken months to arrange was now in motion in a matter of hours! A couple of videos of our secret plan in action:

Click over to Mark’s blog post to see OpenStack running on Open Compute hardware on launch day….



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