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We’re excited to announce that we’ve reached a huge milestone in the process to establish the OpenStack Foundation.  Individual Members can now join and begin making important contributions like nominating board members:  (It’s free!)

Thanks to the hard work of the drafting committee (led by the amazing Alice King), we now have a complete set of legal documents. Our Bylaws, with appendices, and Member agreements are now posted online on

As a community we’ve really pulled together, made some tough decisions, and I couldn’t be prouder of the result.  It’s hard to believe, but OpenStack just started 2 years ago (with the first release of software, the “Austin” release, in October 2010).  OpenStack seems to have struck a chord, and I think the core values of our community have everything to do with it.  We’ve taken great care to preserve and promote those core values.  Everyone should be extremely proud!

On Tuesday the fine folks at OSCON put on an amazing “OpenStack Day”, and last night those who were lucky to be attending OSCON gathered together to discuss the Foundation progress and start signing up as individual members.  It was quite an amazing feeling to see so many familiar faces, but also meet so many new people interested in OpenStack.

Individual contributors, here are steps you can now take to secure representation in the OpenStack Foundation:

  1. Join as an Individual Member: by August 15
  2. Nominate an Individual for the Board of Directors: Send nominations to [email protected] by August 6 (candidates require 10 nominations to appear on the ballot)
  3. Vote for Individuals to be on the Board of Directors: Elections take place August 20-24

To provide more context, the following is a full list of key dates and milestones through the formation of the Foundation:

  • July 18 – Initial Platinum, Gold & Individual membership sign up period opens
  • July 18 – Nomination period for Individual member board directors opens
  • August 6 – Nomination period for Individual member board directors closes
  • August 15 – Initial Platinum, Gold & Individual membership sign up period closes
  • August 20-24 – Gold & Individual Board director elections
  • August 27 – Initial Board meeting via teleconference – operational setup
  • October 15 – First regular quarterly Board meeting at OpenStack Summit

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us reach this milestone!

Mark Collier


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