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Last week, we got together for the OpenStack Conference in Boston and started things off talking about plans to create an OpenStack Foundation. Thursday afternoon, we had a great session as a community talking about initial goals for the foundation and how to keep the discussion going after the conference. Ryan Lane had a nice post on the session, and we’ll also be posting the video of the session to vimeo soon. Scott Sanchez was also kind enough to take notes.

The first action we all agreed on was to create a mailing list to continue the conversation, which is now live and you can subscribe here.

Based on last week’s discussion, I think it makes sense to start at a high level by talking about the Mission of the foundation as well as the Scope of OpenStack for the foreseeable future before getting too bogged down in potential structures and funding etc. We should also talk about the need for any additional communication tools beyond the list itself.


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