InMotion Hosting announces the general availability of its On-Demand Private Cloud powered by OpenStack

InMotion Hosting establishes a foothold in the IaaS and Private Cloud markets by announcing the general availability of Flex Metal Cloud IaaS. Flex Metal Cloud offers an On-Demand Private Cloud powered by OpenStack, an open source infrastructure platform.

Built for enterprise infrastructure, traditionally it has been difficult for smaller teams to spin up small OpenStack clouds due to the large investment needed in time and resources. InMotion Hosting, whose core philosophy revolves around open source technologies, took up this challenge and built an on-demand private cloud powered by OpenStack and Ceph. Now, building and deploying small clouds on OpenStack has been made trivial and accessible to smaller teams.

“We attribute much of InMotion Hosting’s success to open source. Since inception, our goal has been to continuously improve our technology, tools, and customers’ experience. Flex Metal Cloud IaaS continues this culture of innovation,” says Todd Robinson, President and Co-founder of InMotion Hosting. “Our teams have been working diligently over the last year to make OpenStack easily accessible for smaller IT Teams. Typical pain points such as cost, resource allocation, and risk of failure are no longer an issue with our On-Demand Private Cloud. We have made OpenStack clouds trivial to deploy and easy to scale up and down on-demand.”

Flex Metal Cloud starts off with a 3 server hyper-converged cloud core and can be scaled easily to hundreds of servers, thousands of VMs and petabytes of storage. The cloud core can be deployed in under 45 minutes and starts at under $700/mo. Additional compute and storage can also be added in minutes.

IMH has taken a privacy-first approach with Flex Metal Cloud, with the customer having full governance and control over their hardware. Up-front transparent pricing, ability to set budgets, and usage-based billing gives greater control to customers over cloud IT costs. Flex Metal Cloud is currently available out of InMotion Hosting’s Washington, D.C. data center with a roadmap to expand into multiple locations.

InMotion Hosting plans to work collaboratively with the Open Infrastructure Foundation (OIF) and other members of the open infrastructure community to continue to add new features and functionality to Flex Metal Cloud in order to further simplify private cloud deployments, increase infrastructure flexibility and to make it a viable and cost-effective open source choice over the mega public clouds.

“Flex Metal Cloud provides on-demand private infrastructure, which brings cloud fundamentals like elasticity and usage billing to the cloud deployment itself. It’s awesome to see InMotion Hosting’s latest product use OpenStack to combine the benefits of public cloud and managed private cloud, powered by open infrastructure,” says Thierry Carrez, VP of Engineering, OpenInfra Foundation.

Open Infrastructure Foundation’s (OIF) goal is to build an open infrastructure for the next decade by solving hard infrastructure problems with larger markets. There are new demands being placed on infrastructure that are being driven by modern use cases such as: containers, AI, machine learning, 5G, NFV, and edge computing. OIF is building a community to write open-source software that addresses these infrastructure markets. The Foundation wants to ensure that the solutions to these demands are developed in the open, using the same transparent and proven approach to open source.

“The mission of the Open Infrastructure Foundation is to build the next decade of open infrastructure software, through a community of more than 100,000 members who know how to build software like OpenStack that runs in production,” says Mark Collier, COO, OpenInfra Foundation. “Solving the problem of making dedicated infrastructure available to smaller organizations that might lack the confidence to deploy on their own is something InMotion has designed Flex Metal Cloud to address, and we’re excited to learn about their experiences implementing OpenStack Ironic as a service for bare metal, and bring those learnings back to the community.”

Flex Metal Cloud has been in beta testing for a few months now with customers trying out Proof of Concept (PoC) Clouds. With the announcement of the general availability, anyone can now purchase and deploy a small private cloud in minutes. Free timed trials are also available. To learn more about Flex Metal Private Cloud, please visit InMotion Hosting’s Flex Metal Private Cloud page.

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InMotion Hosting is a privately held technology company providing web hosting, cloud-based solutions and managed services to businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe. With over 170,000 customers, InMotion Hosting’s mission is to bring tools, platforms and outstanding customer service within anyone’s reach to transform their online presence. Since 2001, we have built our foundation around 24/7/365 US-based customer support and open source technology. Our partnerships include SuperMicro and the Open Infrastructure Foundation.

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