Hiring a Community Manager Summer Intern

Good news to all you community manager types still in college looking for real-world, hands-on experience,  I am looking for a summer intern to assist me in various aspects of the open source OpenStack community. The position is in Austin, TX and I don’t have funding for housing so the candidate must either live in Austin or be capable of supporting themselves; however there is a salary involved but it most likely will not cover your living expenses in Austin this summer.

Here is the information on the position:

Job Description:

This position will support the various day-to-day activities of managing a large, global open source community. An emphasis on social network data collection and analysis is an integral part of the position while also supporting the various other community activities including web content development, community member communication, event planning, and other tasks.

It is expected that a presentation will be presented to various community members at the end of the summer to educate the community on the social networking aspects of OpenStack and how the community can better leverage those tools.

Job Requirements:

Applicants for this position must have the following skills:

  • Technology Competence – ability to use modern computing tools including Internet, Email, Office, and other standard Enterprise Computing technologies
  • Written Communication – ability to clearly express ideas in a written form via email or formal reports
  • Public Speaking – ability to create presentations using standard computing tools and present to groups of various size
  • Social Networking Applications – experience with common social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Analysis Skills – ability to process various amounts of data to provide insight into trends within the data

If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to [email protected] by April 30, 2011.



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