Have you visited the forums.openstack.org lately?

A few weeks ago we posted the results of the OpenStack Social Media survey. Thirty percent of survey  respondents indicated that they keep up on OpenStack developments and news on forums.openstack.org. I thought now would be a good time to remind everyone of what a valuable addition the forum is to the OpenStack community, and it has only been up and running since May!

Currently the NOVA board is the most heavily used project board, and admin Jordan Rinke (@JordanRinke) has been especially active in answering  questions regarding installation. Stephen Spector has also been experimenting with using the Events category on the General board to help plan upcoming OpenStack Events like this October’s conference in Boston.  If you have suggestions please feel free to chime in on the forum.

There are currently 85 registered users and I encourage anyone with a question, comment, or insight to complete the easy sign up. The more members and participation the forum sees the more useful it will be!


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