Developer Weekly Activity Review – August 5, 2011

Many people have asked for more insight into the developer activities for OpenStack as the large number of code changes and proposals make it difficult to monitor everything happening. In hopes of exposing more of the developer activities, I plan to post a weekly or biweekly blog post on the latest development activities. If you have any ideas for this blog post, please email me at [email protected]. I am always ready to listen to the community for new ideas.


Developer Mailing List (archive:

This is select list of topics discussed this week in the developer mailing list and is not a complete list.  Please visit the archive to see all the topics.

  • Dashboard newbie question – Joshua Harlow asks about getting the Dashboard to work with the latest version of Nova; he is getting a 400 https response when deploying from the dashboard. Devin Carlen recommended using the Diablo-3 milestone release. Thierry Carrez asked that any issues be added to the bug report, which Carlo Impagliazzo listed for, but 820972. This issue is still being discussed at
  • [Gerrit] Getting “invalid author” – Yuriy Taraday indicated that he is trying to use Gerrit to propose changes to Keystone. He is following the instructions from the wiki and is getting “invalid author” errors. James Blair indicated that the issue was due to how Launchpad was importing account information and made a change, which solved the initial problem seen by Yuriy. Yuriy then indicated that he is seeing a “missing Change-ID in commit message” error. Several suggestions were presented as solutions. More details on those options at
  • Questions About – Zed Shaw indicated that he is going to clean up tests and source files and has questions about the tests/ file and what its purpose is. The discussion on  the purpose of the test and some ways to beef up what is tested were discussed.


For the latest on development activities on OpenStack please check these sites for more details:



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