DefCore Update: Input Request for Havana Capabilities

As part of our community’s commitment to interoperability, the OpenStack Board of Directors has been working to make sure that “downstream” OpenStack-branded commercial products offer the same baseline functionality and include the same upstream, community-developed code. The work to define these required core capabilities and code has been led by the DefCore Committee co-chaired by Rob Hirschfeld (his DefCore blog) and Joshua McKenty (his post).  You can read more about the committee history and rationale in Mark Collier’s blog post.

The DefCore Committee has introduced two key concepts that will be used to define the standard requirements across commercial products: Capabilities and Designated Sections. Capabilities represent the functionality that is exposed by an OpenStack-based cloud through APIs, which can be tested and reported on—for instance starting or stopping a virtual server. Designated sections are portions of upstream code from various OpenStack projects that are required in addition to the API-based capabilities. These requirements can change with each OpenStack release, and the DefCore committee has started with the Havana release to create an “advisory” set of requirements.  After community review on Havana, the Board will repeat the process for Icehouse requirements and then enforce those for the commercial trademark license programs.

Get Involved: Next week, the DefCore Committee will host two meetings for community input on the Capabilities they’ve scoped for the Havana release. The meetings will take place Wednesday, July 16, at 8 am PDT (1500 UTC) and 6 pm PDT (0100 UTC on July 17) to accommodate as many time zones as possible. You can reference the DefCore Committee’s current proposal, and join the meetings using the links on the following page:

After getting community input, the DefCore Committee plans to bring the proposed Havana Capabilities to the Board for approval at the next face-to-face meeting, taking place July 22nd in Portland, OR.  If approved, focus will then shift to the Designated Sections for Havana.

If you’d like to catch up on the work the Committee has been doing since the OpenStack Summit Atlanta, the following links contain the notes from their recent meetings:


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